Game Overview

Dwarf Words is a stunning Word game with fantasy and RPG elements!

Help Rorik, a colossal little warrior, rescue his family from an evil force.
The game takes you into an underground word spelling adventure.
Use your extraordinary vocabulary to destroy your enemies in turn-based combat.
The game rewards you with resources when you spell long words. Buy items, weapons and armor to survive in battle.

fight the evil



Deep Combat System

Turn based combat system. Use letters strategically to take different actions with items and weapons.


Extra Game Modes

After completing the story mode, you will be able to play two extra modes. Endless endurance fight mode and a challenge journey to the center of Earth.


Five Difficulty Levels

Easy: Relaxing experience.
Fine: Balanced gameplay.
Hard: Real challenge.
Pain: Painfull adventure.
None: Fun for kids.

full keyboard suport

Full Keyboard Support

Faster gameplay experience and typing skills improvement.

Fully enjoyable in English and Spanish!
Over 300.000 words for each dictionary.

Available soon for PC, Mac and Mobile.
Current status: pre-alpha


This project is one-man effort. Please share, feedback, support or follow.